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Quan cau, cau

Nightmare on Congress

Nightmare on Congress, the latest film from the creators of the horror series "I know what you did last Central Committee" and Re-Animated PSUC production, threatens to become the year success

In opinion of our redactors, who had the privilege of asist at the premier of the movie, this will become a cult film for  nostalgics of Montalban’s "Murder in the Central comitee" and, maybe, the scariest movie of the year.

Here comes the synopsis:

We are in 2011, a small but historic Communist Party is reduced to a 150 people population in the asteroid  red belt of Barcelona   in a desperate attempt to take the initiative in its struggle against the Empire of Capital.
So far so normal
But some weird incidents will happen during the conference, including discussions among the delegates in a pure Pulp Fiction style, alien conspiracies and a  "Romero" touch in the treatment of the disturbing mass of humanity.
 Aware of SPOILERS,  we advance that the ending  will be reminded in a way like the  Tanhauser Doors’ escene at Blade Runner (and the same,  like El Rosario de la Aurora) In fact, an evocative tale of human nature.

And some credits

  • Fat girl from Tarragona who cried at the last row as  The pathetic character who dies in the last scene
  •  The General Secretary  as Captain of the Titanic (including pipe) 
  • Former head of organization  as  the  Zylon infiltrate   
  • 101 congress voluntiers as the wooden arm zombies
  • Several syndicalists as The Crib

and Last but not Least:

  • The youngs as "this is not class struggle is generational change"
Tomorrow: world premiere from 9:30
Top reviews:
This film, which seesaws "The Last Days of Pompeii" and "Invasion of body snatchers" brings us the poetry of Raphael de la Ghetto.
                                                    Alexia Gorrina from NOU TREBALL
Go home, you don’t need to  spend a simple minute  looking at this infamous film. Really, you dont’t  need  to read about that.
PD: Comunism does’t exist 
PDD: Our organisation  is studying  the possibility of taking legal measures against the producers for the fraudulent use of the trademarc PSUC in this film
                                  EL ETE & El OTO  from INICIATIVE REVIEW FOR GREEN THINGS

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